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Our Current Needs:

(ordered by urgency)

  • A Physical Location

  • US Postage Stamps

  • 3-drawer Rolling Bins (x3) 

  • 1 Electric Paper Shredder

  • 4 Working condition sewing machines.  No Janome New Homes or Babylok

  • 7 new Rotary cutters or used ones with extra blades, 16mm, or 45mm

  • Yards of Cotton or Polyester Quilt Batting

  • Stainless Steel Colander 

  • Colorful Acrylic, and cotton yarn

  • Used Shower Curtains

  • Upholstery Fabric, and out-of-season books

  • Unwanted; scrap, and shredded paper




All donations are completely, and FULLY tax deductible.

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