I have created three composition notebooks; one for each chapter.  The first half of the books are dedicated to the addresses, and the second half are dedicated to the dates of shipping to whom. Each page of the first half of the notebooks are categorized by type of material.  I am talking sometime tonight with my chapter leaders about this, and compiling a list of all of the addresses via E-mail!  If you need materials for making items for  the children we serve, please let me (Samantha) know at marchoftheblanketeers@yahoo.com.

Please subject your e-mails, "Materials", and write in your E-mail:

What you are making (teddy bear, hat, blanket)

Your address

What you need (yarn, flannel)

IF YOU NEED YARN, what color(s), how much, and if vaigated colors are okay

http://marchoftheblanketeers.com  (that's our webiste)

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