Volunteer Listings

To view all of our listings, or to find area specific opportunities; please visit VolunteerMatch.org.  However, you may veiw the general listings here, on this page!  Mouseover the "Volunteer Listings" tab on the toolbar to see stories abour what our chapters are doing!

Baby Hat Knitter

Baby Hats are both easy and fun to knit!  They work up quick, and can be done in ANY stitch!  You can even do stripes!  Contact your local chapter for more details on how you can knit for premature babies!

Amigurumi Bear Crocheter

Everyone needs a hug at some time or another.  Why not make a friend for a sick child in a hospital?  Bears can be knit, crocheted, or sewn, and should be at a minimum 10 inches in height, with a maximum height of 18 inches, and as fat or skinny as you want them, without overstuffing the bears!  If needed, the Headquarters can supply materials!  Please only use bear colored yarns/ fabrics (brown, black, white, grey, ecru/cream).

Fleece Blanket Maker

Fleece blankets are great for non-crafty people, who just want to help!  We do ask that you not use any black backgrounds, as these children are already depressed, and our mission is to cheer them up as best as we can! We also ask that you make fringes no longer than 5 inches (this measurement is for cutting the fringe) and tie each fringe individually, as they could become choking hazards if made too long.


This opportunity is different than Quilt Kit Quilter, becuase you provide your own materials in this one.  As your local chapter for the sizes they currently need the most of!

Quilt Kit Quilter

Quilt Kit Quilters are provided with one kit at a time as to not overwhelm each volunteer.  I find that if I give out more than two people take out the pieces and I never get back the finished quilt!  Quilts are micro-preemie sized, which is a smaller class of premature babies that are less likely to survive based on gestational age, and weight.  Each kit includes pre-cut squares to fit back, and a larger piece for the back of the quilt.  No batting is nessescary as it will become too heavy for the extremely premature baby and the nurses, adn NICU staff won't use it, if there is batting inside.  

Child and Baby Blanket Crocheter 

Blankets can be as simple as a straight line, or a bunch of granny squares put together (like the pumpkin orange one in the picture), or as difficult as you want them to be.  We can provide the yarn if need be, you make the blanket and return it to your local chpater of March of the Blanketeers.

http://marchoftheblanketeers.com  (that's our webiste)

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